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  High Speed INTERNET solutions are vital for growing businesses and organizations. Various solutions include:
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Metro Area Fiber and Ethernet Fiber
Integrated T1 for Phone Systems or PBX
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  Smaller business Internet services include:
T1 Bandwidth Provider services
ADSL Internet for Telecommuters
Business Class SDSL or IDSL for your WAN or LAN
  T1 Bandwidth Provider:
What is T1? A T1 Provider offers data transfer at a certain rate. Data transfer rate is the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another in a given time period, expressed in bits per second by the T1 Provider. A modem that works at 57,600 bps has twice the data transfer of a modem that works at 28,800 bps. In streaming videos, a link with a high speed data transfer is connected to a server able to carry enough information to sustain a succession of images in a video presentation. The transferring of the information via streaming is known as the data transfer. The carrier delivering this access would be the T1 Provider.
T1 Bandwidth
  A T1 Bandwidth Provider can typically provide a commonly used T1 Lines that can go up to 1.544 million bits per second using copper wire, optical or wireless media.     T3 Lines can go up to 44.736 Mbps.     ADSL and SDSL Lines can go up to 9 megabits per second and upload speeds of up to 640 kilobits per second.     OC3 Lines can go up to 155.52 Mbps. Finding the right Bandwidth Provider for you depends on your location and desired costs.
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